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The best thing I got out of my book deal (besides the book deal) was a tote bag. It says:


                             I'D RATHER BE READING.


I never thought I'd own a tote bag that captured my entire life's philosophy.


I read anywhere and everywhere as a kid. I read in the dark after lights out. I walked to school every day with a book held in front of my face. I hid books under my desk in class. My favorite way to spend a weekend was with a minimum of three books under a blanket fort.


But I don't have to tell you. If you're here, you know what I'm talking about.


As much as I have always loved to read, I never thought I'd be a writer. Even though I was a writer. A copywriter. The person who writes those words you ignore on credit card slips and cereal boxes.


I just never thought I'd write a novel. That was for . . . well, novelists.


Then one day I had an idea about a girl finding a stolen painting in her attic. And another idea about a dilapidated house on the city's most gentrified block. And another idea about a pioneer girl transported to modern-day Manhattan.


So I sat down and started writing, and pretty soon I had a novel called UNDER THE EGG. Some more sitting and writing led to THE GALLERY. And I keep sitting down every day to write more.


But I'd still rather be reading.


Where are you from?

We moved around a lot growing up. I lived in Nashville, TN; Norman, OK; Oxford, MS; and ended up in Pensacola, FL. 


Where do you live now?

​After 17 years in Brooklyn, we recently moved to the suburbs of New Jersey. 


My husband, two sweet kids, and probably a dog if the two sweet kids keep nagging.


Where did you get so interested in art?

I studied a little at Harvard, even though I majored in English. (See above: reading.)  After college I got a Rotary Scholarship to study art history at Cambridge University.


Who's your agent?

The incomparable Sara Crowe (Harvey Klinger, Inc.)


What's your favorite middle-grade book?

A tie between The Westing Game and From the Mixed-Up Files . . . , of course


What's your favorite picture book?
Anything by David Wiesner


Ever been on a game show?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Not me, apparently.)

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